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As a scientific non-profit with global reach, the ILSI Research Foundation collaborates with experts from around the world to respond to key challenges affecting nutrition security, sustainable agriculture, and food and environmental safety. It is important for us to make information about our work easily accessible to you. Discover the work we are doing in pursuit of our mission by reading:

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Research Foundation News
December 2019

Keynote Presentation at the Plant Biologicals Network Symposium

Research Foundation News
November 2019

Problem Formulation for Gene Drive Mosquitoes Designed to Reduce Malaria Transmission in Africa: Results from Four Regional Consultations

Research Foundation News
October 2019

Symposium on Risk Assessment of Plants Developed Using New Breeding Technologies

Research Foundation News
September 2019

We look forward to seeing you at the South Asia Biosafety Conference

Research Foundation News
August 2019

Videos & Presentations from Addressing Water Variability and Scarcity – The Role of Agricultural Research

Research Foundation News
July 2019

Register Today for the 2019 Scientific Symposium: Addressing Water Variability & Scarcity - The Role of Agricultural Research

South Asia Biosafety Program Newsletter

Relevant news about biosafety regulation and policy developments in India and Bangladesh, as well as updates about the capacity building activities through the South Asia Biosafety Program, are highlighted in this monthly newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter, send your name, institutional information, and e-mail address to

SABP March 2020

Discussion about Regulation and Effective Compliance for Food Derived from Genetically Engineered Plants

SABP February 2020

A Competitive Grants Program to Strengthen the Biosafety Knowledge Base in Bangladesh

SABP January 2020

Meeting on National Biotechnology Policy and Action Plan 2019 Draft

SABP December 2019

4th IPFS-ICBHA-2019 Conference Concluded with Huge Participation from Biotechnologists

SABP November 2019

GM Crops: Will They Ever Be Free from Examination?

SABP October 2019

7th Annual South Asia Biosafety Conference: An Experience in Contemporary Genetic Engineering Technology and Biosafety