The ILSI Research Foundation Annual Reports highlight the yearly activities that fall under the four thematic areas of food and water safety, nutrition and health, risk science and toxicology, and sustainable agriculture and nutrition security.

2016 Annual Report

The ILSI Research Foundation has a commitment to international work, consistent with the One ILSI philosophy. As such, the Research Foundation benefits from close interactions with the network of ILSI branches around the globe, as it tries to address critical issues of public health concern. In 2016, the Research Foundation focused on a new Global Nutrition Strategy and expanding its work on environmental risk assessment to look at gene drive technologies for mosquito control.

2015 Annual Report

The year 2015 was a transformative one for the ILSI Research Foundation. New leadership and staff contributed to the Foundation’s expanding programs. The Research Foundation’s multi-year, multi-country Partnership for Biosafety Risk Assessment and Regulation came to a close, but left a legacy of important global public goods that contribute to the international community of practice around biosafety. Significant advances were also made on collaborative programs dealing with climate change impacts on agriculture, food and nutrition security.

2014 Annual Report

In 2014, the ILSI Research Foundation focused on assessing sustainable nutrition security, pursuing open data resources for agriculture and environmental risk assessments, enhancing crop research, and fostering a biosafety community of practice. Over 2,900 participants received training through workshops organized by the Research Foundation.