cornsmallThe International Life Sciences Institute Research Foundation (ILSI Research Foundation) is a non-profit, public charitable organization with a mission to improve environmental sustainability and human health by advancing science to address real world problems. Established in 1984, the ILSI Research Foundation has long been an international leader in building effective public-private partnerships by ensuring that it’s programs are collaboratively developed and implemented with scientists from the private, academic, government and non-governmental sectors. Adherence to this approach means the ILSI Research Foundation’s programs in nutrition, toxicology, risk assessment and agriculture are informed and strengthened by the deliberate inclusion of international, multi-sectoral expertise and perspectives.
ILSI is a non-profit, worldwide federation of entities comprised of the ILSI Research Foundation, the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) and 16 country or regional branches. The ILSI Research Foundation differs from the other entities in that it is financially supported through grants it receives from public and private sector organizations, while HESI and the ILSI branches are membership-based organizations that receive funding primarily through member fees. All of the ILSI entities are collaborative science organizations that convene scientists from government, academia, industry and civil society organizations to generate scientific information and encourage scientific dialogue. ILSI’s work must be for public benefit. The following policies have been adopted as mandatory for the organization.
For more information, please see our 2015 Annual Report.