The ILSI Research Foundation maintains several databases that provide free, open access, unique scientific information to the public. The databases are related to the ILSI Research Foundation’s work related to biosafety, environmental risk assessment, food safety and nutrition.

Crop Composition Database

The ILSI Crop Composition Database contains searchable information on the natural composition variability of conventionally grown crops. 

8 Crops

195 Analytes

972,000 Data Points

2 New Crops Added

In October 2016, the Version 6 Update of the Crop Composition Database was released, which included nutritional data from two new crops, potato (Solanum tuberosum) and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor), and additional data on the following existing crops: canola, cotton, field corn, and soybean.

GM Crop Database

The GM Crop Database contains safety-related information about regulatory evaluations and approvals of genetically engineered plants.

17 Traits

30 Countries' Regulatory Approvals

192 Events