Phase I: GE Food/Feed Safety Assessment Training

Bogor, Indonesia
August 1, 2017 – August 3, 2017

Overview: On August 1-3,2017, a three-day technical training program was conducted in Bogor, Indonesia, organized by the ILSI Research Foundation in cooperation with the Indonesian National Agency for Food and Drug Control (BPOM) and the Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development (ICARD).  This activity provided an opportunity for participants to engage in practical exercises highlighting the fundamental concepts employed in food and feed safety assessments of genetically engineered (GE) crops.

Program: Twenty-three participants from both the Indonesian Food Safety Technical Team and the Feed Safety Technical Team attended the training held at the Harris Hotel. The training was supported by expert faculty from the United States, and the Philippines, including Dr. Donald MacKenzie, International Rice Research Institute, Dr. Flerida Carino, University of the Philippines, Dr. Bryan Delaney, DuPont Pioneer, Dr. Andrew Roberts and Dr. Xianglu Han, ILSI Research Foundation. The workshop introduced important concepts and components for food and feed safety assessment, including problem formulation, toxicity, composition and allergenicity assessment as well as molecular characterization. The structure of the program involved more than just lectures, and included the opportunity for participants to work through practical exercises in groups.  These exercises focused on the ability to identify and use available information resources associated with food and feed safety assessments as well as providing an opportunity to consider topics in more detail.

Building off the Phase I program, the ILSI Research Foundation is organizing a five-day Phase II training program at the Stine Haskell Research Facility in Wilmington, DE, USA, in November which will include the opportunity to observe how food and feed safety assessment data is collected in the laboratory.

This work is supported by a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, Emerging Markets Program.


100% of survey responders found the workshop useful to their position.

  • “As a member of the feed safety assessment technical team, the workshop was very useful for gaining detail information about food and feed safety assessment.”
  • “Since I am a Technical Manager of Biotechnology Laboratory who is responsible for GMF detection, this training course bridges my knowledge on safety assessment (pre market control) and post market control (GMF detection).”

100% of survey responders would recommend this workshop.

  • “Excellent quality overall.”
  • “The topic regarding the database of GM crop provided from the ILSI Research Foundation is very useful in any aspects. This has broadened my perspective regarding the list of useful databases, especially on the assessment of GM crop in general.”
  • “All aspects of workshop were valuable and useful in strengthening our capability in assessing safety of foods and feeds derived from GE crop. Applying problem formulation to the safety assessment of GE foods and feeds is most valuable for me.”

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